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Vitala Global

Roopan Gill & Genevieve Tam, Co-Founders

"We loved working with The Bridge Sisters —we shared many values, especially feminist and community values, which made the work together very seamless and rewarding. They understood our delicate work in the abortion space, in the context of restrictive settings in Latin America. They were flexible and could adapt to any changes in the work as it progressed. They were excellent communicators and extremely reliable and accountable. TBS were able to give us an objective contextual analysis of the country we were working in to better understand the players and the politics in the space. Through their network, we were able to map key like-minded stakeholders in LATAM working in the same SRHR space and start building partnerships to scale our work. We would definitely recommend working with TBS as they are efficient, effective, reliable, and resourceful. And they are a great team to work with! Thank you TBS and we look forward to working with you again soon!"


The Family Place, DC

Haley Wiggins, Executive Director

"The Bridge Sisters have helped elevate the online presence of TFP and TFPPCS over the last year through social media, an improved website, and new outreach materials. On top of all that they are delightful to work with and are truly committed to women’s and immigrants’ rights. I would highly recommend working with them."

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"You are doing a great job filling in a communications/development gap. I think it's really going to help us" —Vikki Brooks at TFP

Catholics for Choice

Jamie L. Manson, President

"The Bridge Sisters are some of the hardest-working women in the nonprofit world! They have inspired our team with their passion for gender equality and human rights, and the way they take on their work with creativity, diligence, and expertise."


Women's Ordination Conference

Kate McElwee, Executive Director

"These past few years, you made significant and inspiring changes to our little organization, and we will remember the big impact of your community organizing, the stories you shared and amplified [...]. So many women entrusted you to listen to their stories, and light a path toward liberation, justice, and freedom. [...] You have given them, and the Women’s Ordination Conference, an invaluable, enduring gift."

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