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Picture of Lorena Gallego and Lilian Medina Romero, smiling.

Lore & Lilian

Lorena Gallego and Lilian Medina Romero founded The Bridge Sisters driven by their passion and commitment towards Human Rights and justice for women, marginalized genders and sexually diverse individuals, and their families in im/migrant communities. With over a decade of experience in the nonprofit field as well as in gender-responsive communication and advocacy, they work with organizations that work to advance gender equity, migration justice, and other social urgencies affecting these communities.

Sisters by choice,
sisters by purpose.

The Bridge Sisters is a U.S. women-owned business started by two Human Rights Advocates, Lilian & Lorena, who became friends in college through their shared passion for addressing the inequities that impoverished women and marginalized communities face. The Bridge Sisters is a social entrepreneurship born of the desire to focus their careers on tackling these injustices.

We share a vision that began with our academic and professional experiences working with migrants and survivors of gender-based violence who faced challenges in accessing culturally competent legal and social services in the U.S., Colombia, and the U.K.

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Two photos of Lore and Lilian together, smiling.
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