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The Bridge Sisters is a women-owned business focused on developing bilingual communications strategies to optimize our clients' outreach.

We care about advancing gender equality and justice, especially for vulnerable migrants.


We are a team of professional feminist women that provide bilingual communication in English and Spanish, outreach, and development services to help nonprofits maximize the impact of their work. We focus on progressive organizations that provide direct services or work on advocacy and public policy areas to promote gender equality, especially for im/migrant communities in the United States. 


We envision a world with gender equity, where all women, marginalized genders, and sexually diverse individuals, particularly those within migrant communities, are treated with dignity and live free of violence to reach their full potential regardless of where they go and choose to stay.

Photo of four women smiling, all part of The Bridge Sisters team.

Meet The Founders

Lilian Medina Romero, LL.M, MPP

Photo of The Bridge Sisters co-founder Lilian Medina Romero

Co-Founder: Policy Communications and Operations

Lilian is a Human Rights advocate with over a decade of programmatic and executive experience in the nonprofit field. She is academically trained in the legal and public policy field and brings expertise in nonprofit sustainability, immigration law & policy and policy communication. Lilian has developed communication, outreach strategies, and training programs to support immigrant women and marginalized people in areas ranging from entrepreneurship, financial literacy, reproductive health, leadership, and representation.

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Lorena Gallego, LL.M

Photo of The Bridge Sisters co-founder Lorena Gallego

Co-Founder & Senior Consultant for Gender-Responsive Communications

Lorena is a subject matter expert in Human Rights and gender justice with a master's degree in Human Rights Law. She works with organizations to help them implement a gender-responsive approach to their communications.  Lorena is a talented communicator and facilitator with experience in popular education. She has developed training and workshops for feminist collectives, nonprofits, and other agencies that focus on gender equality.

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Fouders & Team

Meet Our Team

Profile picture of Pamela Erin Mason Ramos.

Pamela Erin 
Mason Ramos, MA

Bilingual Communications Consultant

Pam is a feminist sociologist, poet, teacher and independent researcher from México. She has over 6 years of experience in gender-responsive communications, including developing and managing content for websites, blogs, and social media. She has a master's degree in Cultural Studies with a specialty in gender, sexuality, and power.

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Nicole (1).jpg

Nicole Andonie,

Business Development Assistant

Nicole is a passionate advocate for women’s rights, economic equality, and social justice. She is a Latinx, bilingual professional with 17 years of experience in the US & Latin American markets. For the past 5 years, she has worked with a non-profit focused on serving the Latinx community specifically in a program focused on entrepreneurship training and financial literacy for immigrant and BIPOC women. Nicole has a bachelor’s degree in marketing and an Executive MBA with a focus on marketing.

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Profile picture of Valeria Bedoya

Valeria Bedoya, BA

Communications and Development Assistant

Vale is a Colombian feminist and political scientist. Her experience includes Gender Studies and working for a local government in Colombia on women, gender equity, and sexual diversity issues. She is passionate about working with the nonprofit sector, gender equity issues, and marginalized communities.

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Profile picture of Mar Daraviña

Daraviña, BA

Graphic Design & Branding Consultant

Mar is a creative graphic designer and an entrepreneur with over 9 years of experience designing and developing brands for small business. She understands how to effectively use images to strengthen communications. Mar is passionate about the use of shapes and colors as the best resources to create visual concepts that communicate your ideas and message to your target audience in the best way possible.

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Our Partners

Our Partners
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